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BOSTON (CBS) – Just four months old, Scottie came to Boston the hard way.

The purebred Scottish Fold kitten was bred in the Ukraine, prematurely separated from her mother and then imported to a kitten reseller in New York.

scottie after Abandoned Kitten Looking For Home After International Journey

Scottie, a purebred Scottish Fold kitten, was bred in the Ukraine, imported to a kitten reseller in New York, shipped to Boston, and then surrendered to the MSPCA. (MSPCA photo)

She was then bought online by someone in Boston and shipped to Massachusetts.

The tiny, gray kitten arrived in poor health. She was significantly underweight with a severe upper respiratory infection.

But her painful odyssey didn’t end there.

Her new owner, after finding out she was sick, didn’t want her, and surrendered her to the MSPCA.

scottie before Abandoned Kitten Looking For Home After International Journey

Scottie was underweight and very ill when she was surrendered to the MSPCA. (MSPCA photo)

At the MSPCA’s Angell emergency center, veterinarians performed numerous tests to determine the cause of her illness. Their diagnosis? Failure to thrive.

Animal advocates decried selling animals online and they advised pet adopters against buying pets online.

“Unfortunately, purchasing animals online and having extremely young animals shipped over long distances is dangerous and can result in significant complications with both health and behavior,” said Alyssa Krieger, manager of the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center.

“Scottie weighed only one and a half pounds—and a kitten her age should have been at least two pounds, Krieger said. “She will likely suffer lifelong medical issues as a result of poor care and the conditions under which she was bred and transported.”

scottie after 2 Abandoned Kitten Looking For Home After International Journey

Scottie after weeks of care at the MSPCA. (MSPCA photo)

After several days of intensive care, Scottie was moved into a foster home.

“She was, and still is, too fragile for life in the shelter and needed to be with an experienced caretaker who could administer medication and fluids,” she said.

The Angell and shelter veterinary teams say Scottie is highly susceptible to upper respiratory infections which, for her, can be severe.

after after months of treatment scottie is getting better though she will always be somewhat fragile credit mspca angell Abandoned Kitten Looking For Home After International Journey

Scottie. (MSPCA photo)

“We’ve been able to reduce her symptoms over the last couple of months and she’s a much happier cat as a result,” said Krieger. “But her new owner will need to be prepared for future respiratory illnesses that will need to be treated with antibiotics.”

Krieger stressed that whomever adopts Scottie will need to be prepared for regular visits to the veterinarian so that future flare-ups  — as well as any other medical conditions that can be common with this particular breed — can be addressed quickly before they become dangerous.

Interested adopters can email for more information about Scottie and the adoption process.

Meanwhile, Scottie’s care has already exceeded $2,000. Anyone interested in donating to help with Scottie’s medical care can make a contribution to Spike’s Fund, which helps pay for emergency medical care needed by homeless animals in the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center.

  1. I bought a cat like that but NOT online. I simply bought him from a local breeder, but I was getting married. We were going on a honeymoon and I didn’t want to take him until after we got home from Ireland. When we went to pick him up, he was desperately ill.

    I had paid a fair amount of money for him and they said they’d give me the money back and dispose of the kitten. I couldn’t let them do that, so we took him. He was never healthy, but we nursed him along for almost 11 years until finally, disease took over and there were no more antibiotics that would work. It’s not just buying animals online.

    You can buy what IS a healthy animal and by the time you get back to pick him or her up, he or she is sick and apparently, the breeder doesn’t care. That kitten did not need to be that sick. It was a curable disease — or had been — but they didn’t bother to take him to a vet.

    Ill or not, he was the BEST cat we ever had. He was a wonderful cat, despite his poor health. All they needed to do was take him to a vet. I would have PAID them for the medical care.

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