BOSTON (CBS) — This week on The Hurley Edition, Rich Shertenlieb from The Toucher & Rich Show joined the podcast.

Rich shared some unbelievable — truly unbelievable — stories about the town in Georgia where he grew up.

“Kennesaw, when you got there, there’s a billboard that has a revolver on it, and it says, ‘It’s the law in Kennesaw’ on it,” Rich said. “Our very first weekend that we were there [when I was 7 years old], we go to the town square, and there’s a Klan rally. Very first weekend. I remember my mother turning to my father and saying, ‘Where the hell did you just move us?'”

There was also this: “I remember my high school, they were taking us on a tour of the school, and they say, ‘OK here’s the cafeteria, and down underneath the cafeteria let’s go down here, and this is the firing range.’ And they had a shooting range. … Guns in high schools, what could possibly go wrong?”

He also shared the secret to how he and Fred Toucher have maintained their on-air relationship for more than 11 years.

“It’s the secret to having a successful morning show — liking the person and being legitimately someone that you could talk forever with anyway,” said Shertenlieb, who befriended Toucher when they were working on separate shows at 99X in Atlanta. “I see so many shows that are put together by consultants, because they have no other choice, I guess. Like, ‘Well this guy’s the straight man and this guy’s the funny one.’

toucher and rich 10th anniversary vip party and meet greet 01 e1510260393879 Rich Shertenlieb Joins The Hurley Edition Podcast: Fred And I Are Like A Gang

“I’ve always said this — if you’re looking to get into radio, find one or two people that you could literally sit and talk to forever and just B.S., and it makes everything worth it,” he continued. “Fred and I have had situations where people have said, ‘Well have you ever thought about doing your own thing?’ Like, Fred and I, I like to look at us as kind of a gang. There’s people who have tried to split us up to do stuff like that, but the coolest understanding in the world is knowing that Fred and I are going to do the same show together. There’s no — we fight on the air, but we also realize, ‘This is stupid.’ What we do is awesome and we’re fighting about millionaires with bouncy balls.

“If you’ve ever heard us fight, just think about our worst fight, and know that as soon as the mics were off, it was like, all right, who cares? And that’s just, you have to have that in order to stay successful. You have to actually be a friend of the guy,” Rich added. “Now, Fred can drive me crazy, and I can drive him crazy. But I like to think that’s the part of it that might make the show work.”

You can listen to the podcast in the audio player above, or on iTunes, or on Stitcher, or of course, the CBS Boston audio page.


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