BOSTON (CBS) — It’s been dubbed a “jersey burning party” for Patriots fans. It turned out to be more like a scene straight out of “South Park.”

Toucher & Rich sent Nick Gemelli down to the jersey burning ceremony in Swansea, Mass., to get a feel for the event.

What he saw was not all that different from a collection of South Park characters screaming “They took our jobs!”

From self-proclaimed patriotic people who didn’t know the lyrics to “America The Beautiful,” to an impassioned speech from the organizer which said “In God We Trust” means Americans can say anything they want, to an attendee who unironically said he was protesting because he felt like his freedom to peacefully enjoy a “real life” diversion like sports was being infringed upon, to a random attendee yelling out “In Belichick we trust!” just before the burning began, it was a real hootenanny down in Swansea.

As Rich Shertenlieb put it, “This is right out of ‘South Park.’ I mean, this is a ‘South Park’ episode. They’re playing Lee Greenwood as they start to burn jerseys.”

Rich then corrected himself: “By the way, the best thing about all of this is not one jersey was burned. From everything I saw, and Nick was there, nobody has the balls to burn a $100 jersey. So here’s what was burned. There were cruddy T-shirts, for some reason had a cruddy Rob Gronkowski T-shirt. What’d Rob Gronkwoski do? Originally the thing was, ‘We’re going to burn jerseys of players who were on a knee.’ People were bringing the K-Mart version of Patriots shirts, which they probably picked up on the way to the burn. And then there’s one person who was just like, ‘I’ve got this mug that I haven’t unwrapped. This plastic mug.’ Sure, throw the plastic mug into the fire pit. I’m sure the chemicals that are released are going to be pleasant for everyone.

“This was literally a jersey burn … without any jerseys being burned.”

You really must hear it to fully understand. Listen above!

Comments (3)
  1. Awesome job guys. I live in Swansea and was posting for days about this nonsense. I was going to go but decided not to give them the attention. Rumors were spread that BLM was to show up. They are not that stupid. We know who the fear mongers are.

  2. Thomas Neal says:

    ah i missed it , i have a bunch of stuff to burn, yard waste, grass clippings, leaves , an old mattress , is there anyway to reschedule . If anyone takes a knee we can do it wed. nite

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