BROOKLINE, Mass. (CBS/AP) — A Massachusetts town says it will consider changing the name of its governing body from the Board of Selectmen to the Board of Selectwomen.

Under a proposal all members of the board, whether male or female, would be referred to as selectwomen.

A second proposal would create gender-neutral language for the board and its members.

Board members will take up the proposals at their November meeting.

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Comments (3)
  1. Dan Flathers says:

    So happy to learn that the governing body has no pressing matters vying for their attention.

    Perhaps they should suspend future convening until they have worthwhile issues before them.

  2. Alan B Flood says:

    Sounds Like MA is entering a new stage of finding problems to fix – eliminating all plastic beverage bottles and the use of plastic bags by merchants seem to have eliminated everything affecting a green environment so now we search out street names and statues that reflect anything negative to any one and since the transgender issues and LGBT issues are all resolved, we apparently need to call men women. When will be there new rule concerning the use of the word “mankind”. ?????? Glad I left the state but only a border away and no wall so not sure how we stop this PC cancer from moving north.

  3. Ridiculous! To call male selectmen, selectwomen is absurd! This is political correctness going amok! The culprits should be MOONED!

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