BOSTON (CBS) — Family and friends gathered at Saugus “World Series Park” Thursday day evening to remember Susan Taraskiewicz.

Taraskiewicz  was murdered in September 1992 when she left her Logan workplace to go pick up food for her co-workers.

Her mother Marlene Taraskiewicz shared memories of her daughter, saying, “She crammed a lot of good things into her 27 years of life.”

Taraskiewicz says she thinks of her daughter every day, but the 25th anniversary of her daughter’s murder is the hardest.

vigil in saugus Vigil Held For Woman Found Dead In Revere 25 Years Ago

Saugus vigil for Susan Taraskiewicz. (WBZ-TV)

She adds that she wants the alleged killer to feel guilt and remorse after such a long time.

“How can you live with something like this for 25 years? I just can’t imagine. I just can’t imagine living with it for 20, and I just can’t imagine. I just can’t imagine. It’s 25 years that she’s gone,” her mother said.

marlene taraskiewicz Vigil Held For Woman Found Dead In Revere 25 Years Ago

Marlene Taraskiewicz. (WBZ-TV)

Marlene says she thinks about all of the special days Susan has missed.

“I think of so many things. And things I think of the most are when I was going through pictures of all the things that we’ve had and shared. Birthdays, and everything, and she was not there to enjoy them,” Marlene said. “Not there to enjoy them at all.”

“And that really breaks my heart. That really breaks my heart. But, nobody’s forgotten her,” Marlene said.

Marlene believes Susan was murdered by one of her Logan baggage department co-workers because Susan may have known about an illegal credit card scheme being operated by some of the employees.

billboard Vigil Held For Woman Found Dead In Revere 25 Years Ago

A model of one of the billboards donated by Clear Channel. (Photo by Carl Stevens)

Susan Taraskiewicz’s body was found stuffed in the trunk of her car two nights after her disappearance. The car was located in the parking lot of an auto repair shop along Route 1-A in Revere.

Her murder was never solved, but state police say they still receive anonymous tips about a case they still consider active.


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