BOSTON (CBS) — People arriving in Boston after chaotic flights out of Florida are grateful to be with family.

They’re  also grateful to be out of Hurricane Irma’s path.

One of those is Jeanne Hammer.

“Aw, I am so glad I am here. I love you,” Hammer said.

airport hugs Floridians Arriving In Boston Are Grateful

Jeanne Hammer hugs her daughter. (WBZ-TV)

Jeanne Hammer hugged her daughter at the baggage claim area of Logan Airport. She had just arrived from the Orlando area to escape Hurricane Irma.

Another mother and daughter were hugging nearby as well.

“I had a mandatory evacuation. I am on the water,” Stephanie Cougulakis said.

A normal two-and-half hour drive to Orlando took eight hours and then there was the flight to Boston. Cougulakis  booked the flight Tuesday when hurricane preparations were already underway. She said conditions were already getting hectic.

“No water, gas lines were out of control, we got out of there early,” said Cougulakis.

May Long says she was happy to even get airline tickets.

“Last two seats,” Long said.

And, Long managed to get on the last American flight from Miami to Logan. Originally from the Boston area, her house in Boca Raton sits on the ocean.

“I have a grandson in Israel who called three times, ‘Why are you there? Get out of there, right now,’” Long said. “Well, I wasn’t certain about it because a lot of people need support, friends.”

Ken Greer hails from Key Largo, which is under a mandatory evacuation. In 23 years of living in the Florida Keys, Irma scares him.

“This is scarier this time, it’s going directly up Florida,” Greer said.

While they may be safe in Boston, they’re still concerned about what they left back home.

“I am just hoping I have a house,” Hammer said.


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