BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots and Chiefs headline the discussion on Thursday as they get set to play real, actual football to kick off the 2017 NFL season. But the appearance of commissioner Roger Goodell at Gillette Stadium is also getting its share of attention.

Perhaps a little too much attention?

That’s what 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Zolak & Bertrand discussed on Thursday ahead of the Patriots-Chiefs season opener. Goodell is expected to appear in Foxboro before the game, giving fans in the seats a chance to shower him with boos. It’s a big-enough moment to get an honorable mention in What To Watch For ahead of the game, but at what point does the anger directed at Goodell go overboard?

An emailer to Zolak & Bertrand named Tyler believes the Patriots have already “won” against Goodell and he doesn’t even care about the commish anymore. Between the boo-hungry fans and clown towels from Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy, the hatred for Goodell has become excessive to the point that it’s taking away from the Patriots’ Super Bowl celebration.

“I’m a little upset that everyone seems to be more concentrated on Roger Goodell than celebrating the actual team that won the Super Bowl,” the email reads, via Marc Bertrand. “I’m a bloodthirsty Pats fan. I hate Goodell. But I honestly don’t really care about him anymore. We won, he lost, and at this point, more attention given to him is useless.

“[Portnoy] obviously doesn’t give a crap about the Pats. This is an attempt to get Barstool relevant again. I’m just pissed that celebrating an incredible team is becoming overshadowed by Roger [expletive] Goodell.”

It’s confirmed that Goodell will not be in the same suite as Robert Kraft. In light of that, Bertrand wondered when Goodell will even appear for fans in attendance or for those watching the game on NBC – and doubted whether he will appear at all.

“When is the moment to boo Roger Goodell? When is it? Is there a predetermined set time?” asked Bertrand. “He’s going to be so behind-the-scenes tonight, he’s going to be in the building, and you’re not going to see him! You’re not going to see him on the Jumbo Tron.”

If you agree with Bertrand that Goodell is “taking up too big of a part of the conversation”, you better hope the commissioner does appear – if only so the fans can get the boos out of their systems.

Listen to the full podcast above!


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