BOSTON (CBS) — Only Ray Lewis could take a situation as publicly scrutinized and intensely polarizing as Colin Kaepernick’s and make it sound like a farce.

The former Ravens linebacker and future Hall of Famer has made a name for himself as a media member since his retirement, but not always for the same reasons that he intends. 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich have long caught on to Lewis’ frequent monologues on TV, which sound profound on the surface but are often confounding.

Lewis’ latest platitudes concern unsigned quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who was almost given a chance to sign with the Ravens but lost it after his girlfriend posted a meme accusing both Lewis and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti as racists.

Lewis actually lobbied for Kaepernick to be signed, as he recently revealed, and he continued to talk about it in his first appearance as a regular on Inside The NFL. He unwittingly admitted that the Ravens decided not to sign Kaepernick because of his girlfriend’s tweet – and he did it in a way that only he can.

Among the gems from Lewis on Tuesday’s episode of Inside The NFL:

“I have been fighting for this kid behind the table like nobody has.”

“I have fought for … get kids who’s done bad things and been looked at the wrong way.”

colin kaepernick and ray lewis split Ray Lewis Is Back With More Ray Isms On Colin Kaepernick

(L-R) Colin Kaepernick, Ray Lewis (Photos: Mike Ehrmann/Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Lewis’ comments are so all over the place with past, present, and future tense, that a caller theorized that he may actually be a time traveler.

Listen to the full Ray Lewis recap above!


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