BOSTON (CBS) — Gas prices inch higher all across the Boston area as the affects of Houston’s refineries being under water impact Massachusetts drivers.

Driver Dalton Markrush says he remembers $3.00 gas.

gas over 3 00 Gas Prices Head Higher As Harvey Impacts The Boston Area

Some stations already have gas at over $3.00/gallon. (WBZ-TV)

“I’d like to not see it hit three dollars. I remember that a while ago,” Markrush said.

Driver Ryan Hargrave doesn’t like a Houston hurricane impacting Boston.

“Flooding, is one thing and it’s obviously a tragedy what happened down there but at the same time, we’re in Boston. I’m just like how are we justifying a hike in gas prices this high overnight,” Hargrave said.

The floods knocked out oil refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast last week. Analysts at Gas Buddy now predict the national gas average will reach $2.75 a gallon in the next few days.

Right now, Boston’s average is $2.65.

2 65 a gallon Gas Prices Head Higher As Harvey Impacts The Boston Area

Sign showing Boston’s $2.65/gal price average. (WBZ-TV)

Hargrave says he’s noticed the price jump.

“I think it was 2.35 last week, now it’s 2.89. I mean it’s what can you do? I have to drive,” he said.

A Mobil gas station in Roxbury is one of the highest stations in the area, charging more than $3.00 for regular gas if you pay with your credit or debit card.

Price jumps aren’t affecting everybody though. Northeastern student Dalton Markrush isn’t doing as badly as others.

“Thankfully I don’t drive too much, just being in the city so I don’t really mind,” Markrush said.

price changing Gas Prices Head Higher As Harvey Impacts The Boston Area

Hands changing gas price signs. (WBZ-TV)

Randy Davis objects to the increases because of what he drives. He drives a Suburban.

“Definitely a life change because times are hard,” Davis said. “Oh it’s a guzzler. It takes a pretty penny to fill it up.”

Davis says that before the gas hike he spent $175 per week. Now he spends more than $200. He says he’s going to have to cut back.

“I’ve just been 20, here, 20 there, cut back on my driving and just go where I gotta go, no extra no joy riding for me,” Davis said.

The Better Business Bureau of New England says to only expect higher prices for the next couple of weeks.


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