BOSTON (CBS) — The Red Sox announced a series of roster moves on Friday, and among them is the return of second baseman Dustin Pedroia. The team officially activated the 34-year-old from the 10-day disabled list after he had been sidelined since August 12.

Pedroia, who hit the DL with left knee inflammation, had been batting .324 with four homers, 25 RBIs, and an .874 OPS in 24 games since the start of July prior to the injury. Pedroia is batting .303 with six home runs and 54 RBIs in 86 games on the season.

Right-handed reliever Matt Barnes was also activated from the disabled list on Friday. He had been sidelined since August 22 with a low back strain.

The Red Sox also announced several roster call-ups for their September 1 roster expansion. Catcher Blake Swihart, first baseman Sam Travis, right-handed pitcher Austin Maddox, and left-handed pitcher Roenis Elias were all recalled from Triple-A Pawtucket.

Swihart, 25, will make his Boston debut after 62 games between Triple-A and the Gulf Coast League. He batted just .190 with four homers and 23 RBIs in 53 games with Pawtucket.

Travis, 24, will return to Boston after making his major league debut in May. He has batted .279 with one run batted in at the major league level in 2017.

Pedroia’s return to the Red Sox lineup will be a welcome one, but it will also raise questions of how John Farrell will handle his lineup. Hot-hitting trade deadline pickup Eduardo Nunez had been playing second base in Pedroia’s absence.

  1. godzilla502 says:

    I realize this will be unpopular, but Dustin Pedroia is a cancer to the Red Sox. He’s the most selfish player on the team and one of the most selfish players I’ve ever seen watching 35+ years of baseball.

    He plays the game hard. And when he’s going well, he’s exciting to watch, but this guy ONLY cares about himself. He would rather go 5-5 and lose then 0-5 and win. How do I know this?

    Pedroia is the ONLY MLB player that refuses to go on a rehab assignment after injury. This is a player that’s routinely hurt and routinely when he comes back from injury, he struggles b/c his timing is off. This is WHY players have rehab assignments.

    But Pedroia doesn’t want to go back down to the minors. He’s too good. His ego says he can handle it. The Sox cave and what happens? Well, like a couple years ago, he’ll start off going 0-20 and turn a Sox team going well into out of the playoffs. In 2015, Pedroia was injured, went on DL before AS break. Holt filled in. The Sox ran off a great streak. At the AS break got BACK into contention. They were 2 game sout of WC. Pedroia forced his way back into the lineup. This benched Holt. The sox then immediately lost 10 in a row while Pedroia went 0-20.

    Earlier this year, Pedroia made sure the orioles and adam jones knew that HE wasn’t part of the red sox, when he said “it’s not me, it’s them.”

    It’s them.

    And now, with pedroia on the DL, the Sox have had their best run of the season – that’s not a coincidence. Pedroia will come off the DL and he will suck for the next few nights. He’ll make an error or 2. And the Sox will probably lose 2 of the next 3.

    But Pedroia’s playing, so he’ll be happy.

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