LYNN (CBS) – The wife of the Lynn shooting victim says it was terrifying and Lynn Police are still looking for the two people in the shooting and robbery caught on video.

A man was sitting in the driver’s seat of his car in a parking lot on Green Street at 2:45 a.m. Sunday when two other men ran up to him with guns drawn and robbed him of $50 and his cell phone.

A woman who says she’s the wife of the shooting victim says it was frightening.

“It was terrifying to watch,” the woman who only used her first name Katerina said. “I love him a lot and I just wanna help catch the people that tried to hurt him.”

Video shows that after the men robbed the victim, they shot him several times.

“From what I saw on the horrific video, it looks like they came out of nowhere,” Katerina said.

Lynn Police said the victim, a 38-year-old man from Topsfield, was grazed by two bullets. His injuries are not life-threatening.

lyn Wife Of Lynn Shooting Victim: It Was Terrifying To Watch

Two suspects are wanted after shooting an robbing a man in Lynn. (Image Credit: Lynn Police)

A Green Street resident called police shortly after the shooting.

The victim does not live there and Katerina says they were just visiting a friend and helping the friend with his car.

Police do not believe the suspects and victim know each other.

Lynn Police Lt. Mike Kmiec explained, “The suspects run into the parking lot, both have firearms on them, and they instruct him to basically empty his pockets, which he does and he gives them what he has: he turns over some cash and a cell phone. Without any other reason, the suspects just open fire on him.”

The friend who the victim was visiting told WBZ-TV he was awake doing paperwork when he heard gunshots but did not know his friend was still there.

Video of the shooting was released on Friday in hopes of identifying the gunmen.

“The incident was captured on video and we are releasing the video with the hope that we can develop some additional information on the suspects who are still at the large and pose a danger to the public,” police said in a statement.

Kmiec said, “Somebody out there knows something, they know the suspect, somebody–maybe they bragged about it, maybe they talked about it to somebody.”

Kmiec is hoping any witnesses may know something about the suspects.

“Maybe the way they walked, anything that would help us. We’re looking for any tips that we can generate on this,” Kmiec said.

Katerina says she is offering a reward for information that will help capture the suspects.

“I can offer a thousand dollars at this time please call if you know something. It’ll be beneficial to you and also help keep the streets a little safer,” she said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Lynn Police at (781) 595-2000.

  1. If the man was only grazed by the bullets (even though he was shot at point blank range while strapped in a car seat) and he only lost $50 and a cellphone, why would his wife show up at the police station desperately pleading for the public’s help to find the two men and offering a $1000 reward? The incident is over and he is safe. And why would anyone travel two towns over to work on a friend’s car at 2:40 in the morning? Wouldnt it be better to wait until daylight? The whole incident makes no sense. I hope the detective is looking at the whole thing with a skeptical eye.

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