By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – If you’ve ever seen the classic movie “A League of Their Own” about the first female professional baseball league, perhaps you remember the moment where Tom Hanks as the crusty manager is yelling at one of his players, and as she starts to cry he yells: “There’s no crying in baseball.”

That’s the way I feel about criticism of the media. I don’t care to hear any hand-wringing about it.

We dish it out, every day in a multitude of ways, and can’t expect people to always like it or take it sitting down.

When we get facts wrong or behave inappropriately, we deserve to get scorched.

But I’m going to make an exception to my own rule because of a couple of stories in the last few days that suggest some media critics have lost control of their senses, if they had any to begin with.

Maybe you saw the live CNN interview Tuesday from a shelter in Houston with a mother and her two children who had just been rescued. The mom had obviously agreed to be interviewed, it wasn’t some hit-and-run situation, but halfway through she suddenly snapped and started cursing at the reporter.

cnn Keller @ Large: When Media Critics Cross The Line

(Image credit: YouTube)

This prompted hack Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway to tweet that the obviously-stressed woman had “shamed” CNN for somehow forcing the interview on her, a flagrant lie apparent to any decent person watching.

And speaking of indecent people, how about the 69-percent of Republicans in a Fox News poll who said they think the news media “poses a greater threat to the US” than white supremacists?

That is just plain sick, and irredeemably stupid.

Media people are imperfect, as are we all, and not above criticism.

But this type of vitriol says much more about those who spew it than it does about their targets.

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  1. Not really, Jon…

    Once the woman being interviewed began to lose it, the reporter should have backed off. To continue to record the woman’s emotional breakdown lacked a degree of civility.

    The criticism is warranted. And, since you on the left are all for people stepping up and calling out boorish behavior, what’s your problem with Conway stepping up and calling-out CNN? Is it because the reporter’s continuation of the interview wasn’t boorish? Or is it because Conway was the one that was spotlighting the error?

    Oh, come on…get real.

    And as for the threat of the press to constitutional freedoms?

    Of course it is a threat if that “free press” has turned itself into a propaganda arm for a specific set of ideological goals or political figures…

    Now, we can debate the degree to which the “free press” of today has become aligned with and continually pushes the narrative of their chosen ideology, but the “free press” is not, by right, free from criticism, real or imagined, and nor is it ipso facto a force for good.

    Even the Harvard Schorenstein School for Government thinks that the media is on its way to unhealthy bias.

    Please don’t revert to the arrogance with which you approached the 2016 elections because in doing so, you are falling into the trap of allowing yourself to be nothing but part of a partisan propaganda machine.

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