FOXBORO (CBS) — Even when health problems get her down, 13-year-old Meghan Condon stays passionate about two things: the New England Patriots and photography.

Meghan has had two heart surgeries in her young life and suffers from other health issues.

To help lift her spirits, her mother decided to reach out to the New England Patriots as a surprise.

“I didn’t know who the gift was from, or even what it was, so all I knew was I was getting something from someone,” explained Meghan.

meganandpaul Teen Gets To Be Patriots Photographer For A Day

Meghan shares her scrapbook with Paul Burton (WBZ-TV)

A few days later, she received a package in the mail. It was a scrapbook with her name on it and a letter from Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

“Knowing that you love the Patriots and have a passion for photography, how would you like to be a Patriots photographer for a day at training camp this year?” She read from the letter.

patsscrapbook Teen Gets To Be Patriots Photographer For A Day

Meghan’s Patriots scrapbook (WBZ-TV)

This summer, as the Patriots photographer, Meghan got to be up close and personal with the players.

She shadowed and got advice from the real Pats photographer David Silverman.

Her amazing photos showcase her talent and creativity.


meganspic Teen Gets To Be Patriots Photographer For A Day

One of Meghan’s photographs from training practice (Photo Courtesy: Meghan Condon)

“It was pretty awesome,” said Meghan. “The best part was being able to use their cameras which were a lot bigger and better than mine.”

Meghan added that the experience doubled as her first time ever at Gillette Stadium.

meghanphotographing1 Teen Gets To Be Patriots Photographer For A Day

Meghan Condon as the Patriots photographer for a day. (Photo credit: Condon Family)

“The fact that she was in then same space at one point with Kraft, Brady, and Marvin Hagler, and took that photo, and that she got to go to that press conference where Ninkovinch retired is truly amazing,” Meghan’s mother Peggy DelVecchio said.

She also said her daughter cannot stop talking about it and putting her scrap book together.

“My favorite shot was probably one of Gronkowski — or Tom Brady, I have some close-ups,” Meghan said.

DelVecchio added, “I saw her confidence soar. Ever since we’ve been there, the camera has not left her body.”


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