By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – During an out-of-town trip to visit family this weekend, I finally got around to reading “Shattered,” the best-selling book about Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president.

What a disaster.

The candidate and her campaign were stuck in a classic power bubble of their own design, clueless about how voters were reacting to it, hopelessly arrogant about their ignorance.

And when some of the people who might have pierced that bubble tried to tell Hillary and the campaign brass the truth about what was going on, they didn’t listen.

This is a classic blueprint for organizational failure, one which, in light of the lingering whining of the candidate and her sycophants about everything from Russian hacking to Donald Trump’s debate-stage stalking, they still don’t quite seem to get it.

trump clinton Keller @ Large: Misery Loves Company

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the Presidential Debate at Hofstra University on September 26, 2016 in Hempstead, New York. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

But amazingly, given his front-row seat for Hillary’s meltdown and his own long track record of organizational failure, the president doesn’t seem to get that the same thing is happening to him.

Mr. Trump’s arrogant refusal to recognize and correct his own failures of judgment and conduct have brought him some of the worst job-approval numbers of any early presidency, which continue to erode.

And some of his closest aides are trying to tell him to cut it out. When your hand-picked Secretary of State says on national TV that you don’t speak for the nation’s values, that’s a warning sign only a fool would ignore.

Does our president want to wise up and turn this mess around or play the fool?

If it’s the latter, Clinton’s well-earned misery may soon have company.

  1. Just had to turn a good article, and the potential for the beginnings of an apology, into a hit piece on Trump.

    Perhaps YOU should get out of the bubble of YOUR OWN MAKING, Jon, and begin to realize just exactly what Trump was elected to do.

    I will admit, however, you are getting closer to coming to grips with your issues of last fall. At least you are beginning to recognize that Clinton, in spite of all you were able to do for her, managed to lose an election that was hers to lose.

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