BOSTON (CBS) — Bands of heavy rain and dangerous winds pounded the Texas coast as Hurricane Harvey made landfall Friday night.

The storm came ashore about 30 miles northeast of Corpus Christi as a category four hurricane. That’s the most intense storm to hit the U.S. in more than ten years.

Winds were clocked at over 125 miles-per-hour and one observer said the gusts were up to 160. The winds were strong enough to even bend a flag pole.

harvey wind Governor Baker Says Massachusetts Ready To Help Texas Hurricane Victims

Winds from Hurricane Harvey were strong enough to bend the flag pole. (Photo credit: Brandon Clement, LSM)

Part of a high school caved in and a hotel is missing part of its third floor.

Winds fanned the flames on a house fire that destroyed three houses and officials confirm that at least one person has died. A dozen others are injured.

harvey fire Governor Baker Says Massachusetts Ready To Help Texas Hurricane Victims

Fires fanned by Hurricane Harvey. (Photo credit: KBMT)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says that help is on the way, and some of that help was offered Saturday by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker who said he sent a message to the Texas Governor.

“I texted directly with governor Abbot before it there and told him whatever we can do to help we’d be in with both feet on,” Baker said.

Massachusetts’ Red Cross has one of the largest groups of disaster relief and recover operations in the country. So far, two volunteers headed to Texas and another group is planning to send more.

Baker says it’s the least Massachusetts can do after other states have helped the Commonwealth.


“Let’s face it, we had a lot of people who came and helped us out during the snowstorms in 2015 and if we can help the folks in Texas, we’ll do what we can to help them,” Baker said.

The Massachusetts Red Cross posted a video on their Facebook page. That video shows volunteers loading supplies, like food and water from a disaster command center near Houston.

red cross volunteers Governor Baker Says Massachusetts Ready To Help Texas Hurricane Victims

Red Cross volunteers loading aid. (Photo credit: Massachusetts Red Cross Facebook page)

Harvey is weakening, but tornadoes are still possible and forecasters say that up to three feet of rain may fall before the storm moves away from the state.

Businesses may have prepared, but locals say they weren’t prepared for floods as heavy as they’re already experiencing.

B. J. Prendergast of Katy, Texas was surprised at his storm damage.

“It just ripped the whole front part of the building off, which is where we do the main business. So we’ll have to rebuild from there,” Prendergast said.


Forecasters are expecting the storm to hover over the Lone Star State for at least three more days.


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