BOSTON (CBS) – Boston’s National Historic Park captures the start of America.

Eight sites along Boston’s Freedom Trail tell the story of how America’s independence was born in New England.

attfreedomtrail Summer Of Savings: Boston National Historic Park

(Photo Credit: Freedom Trail Conservatory)

The Emancipation Trail starting at the African Meeting House on Beacon Hill, as Park Ranger Sean Hennessey puts it, tells the story of America’s second revolution in the 19th century.

“When people opposed the institution of slavery, and fought against that evil institution” Hennessey said.

At the Charlestown Navy Yard you can witness the birth of the United States Navy where according to Hennessey “all sorts of technological advancements were made.”

Hennessey is one of the dedicated, and passionate National Park Service workers who take visitors on tours of sites like the USS Constitution and the USS Cassin Young.

As the National Park Service celebrates its 101st birthday, you and your family can enjoy every park site, tours included, for free.

Hennessey says “his is not virtual reality you can actually put your hands on the ships you can put your hands on the artifacts. You can experience it for yourself. You can see where history was made.”

constitution33 Summer Of Savings: Boston National Historic Park

USS Constitution (WBZ-TV | Chantee Lans)

As a bonus, the U.S.S. Constitution Museum is opening its doors as well.

“We give people the opportunity to step in the shoes of a sailor from the war of 1812 and really experience history together” said museum official Sarah Watkins.

And if you cannot meet with a ranger during your visit to the, the Park Service has provided audio guided tours to both the Navy Yard and the USS Cassin Young, by way of free mobile apps.


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