BOSTON (CBS) — Fans won’t get to see the Patriots’ Super Bowl LI banner until the season opener, but they can at least get another glimpse of the new setup at Gillette Stadium.

The Patriots tweeted a new photo on Thursday to reveal that they have begun lowering their Super Bowl championship banners into the new designated area below the Gillette Stadium logo sign. The team had to move the Gillette sign upward in order to make room for their ability to hang five Super Bowl banners instead of four. It’s certainly a great problem to have.

Check out the new photo from the Patriots’ Twitter account below:

Robert Kraft said at the beginning of August that the Patriots have a “surprise” in store for fans that “should be very cool” when they finally reveal the new banner.

banners Patriots Preview New Super Bowl Banner Setup At Gillette Stadium

The new banner setup at Gilette Stadium. (WBZ-TV)

Fans who attend the Patriots’ final preseason game against the Giants on Aug. 31 will get a sense of what the new setup will be like. But of course, the banners in their full glory won’t be revealed until the Patriots play the Chiefs in the 2017 season opener on Sept. 7.

The best part about the new banner setup? It looks like there’s room for a couple more.

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