By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — In a blatant attempt to get attention, some dummies are burning their Isaiah Thomas Celtics jersey and posting the video on social media.

There are two such videos on Twitter as of Thursday, and it’s bad enough that some places are actually giving these goobers their 15 minutes of fame. If it isn’t obvious from the reaction of 99.99 percent of Celtics fans, Thomas was beloved in Boston. Celtics fans may be excited to have a four-time All-Star now in Kyrie Irving, but Thomas and everything he has meant to the organization and city of Boston over the last three years will be greatly missed. His arrival sparked a complete turnaround for a rebuilding franchises, and “The Little Guy” will never be forgotten.

To burn his jersey for any reason other than wanting some form of unwarranted fame is idiotic, and Thomas’ new teammate, LeBron James, is sick of seeing such a display. James sent out a series of tweets on Thursday bashing those who burn jerseys after their favorite player leaves town.

James, of course, has personal experience of “fans” burning his jersey, as Cavaliers fans set his No. 23 ablaze after his 2010 “decision” to leave his hometown for Miami. The act was idiotic then, and remains idiotic today.

For once, we can all agree with what James is saying.


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