BARNSTABLE (CBS) — Barnstable Police are thanking a quick-thinking bar employee for disarming a man they say tried to stab one of their officers while he was taking another man into custody.

Police were called to the Duck Inn Pub on Main Street in Hyannis around 12:50 a.m. Thursday after reports that a drunk man was picking fights with others inside.

Officer James Melia responded, and tried to put that man, Mark Zwick, 44 of West Yarmouth, into protective custody–but Barnstable Police say Zwick fought back.

While Officer Melia struggled with Zwick for several minutes, Duck Inn Pub employee David Duncan came in and told Melia “I’ve got your back.”

And it’s a good thing Duncan was there, as police say he noticed Christopher Robson, 49 of Hyannis, moving toward Officer Melia with a knife.

christopher robson Hyannis Bar Employee Saves Officer From Attempted Stabbing, Barnstable Police Say

Barnstable Police said a bar employee stopped this man, Christopher Robson, from stabbing one of their officers.
(Barnstable Police)

They said Duncan yelled, “Drop the knife! Drop the knife!” at Robson, who got within a few feet of Melia while Melia was still on the ground trying to arrest Zwick. Robson, police said, “was approaching and preparing to assault” Melia.

Police said Duncan was able to get the knife out of Robson’s hands and throw it far enough away that the officer would be safe.

More officers then arrived on scene, and took Zwick and Robson into custody.

“The actions of David Duncan likely prevented a serious assault on the unknowing officer,” Barnstable Police said in a statement. “The Barnstable Police Department commends Mr. Duncan for his selfless, quick reaction in a very dangerous situation.”

Officer Melia was not hurt.

Robson faces a charge of assault by means of a dangerous weapon–the knife.

He was taken to the Barnstable Police Department and is due to be arraigned in Barnstable District Court Thursday.


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