BOSTON (CBS) — Even a beloved Celtics star like Isaiah Thomas couldn’t avoid the proverbial “smear campaign” on his way out the door.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich addressed on Thursday some recent comments by Fox Sports’ Chris Broussard, who claimed he spoke/texted with “several executives” about Isaiah’s popularity – or lack thereof – with his Celtics teammates.

“A lot of them were saying that a lot of the players in Boston really weren’t that fond of Isaiah,” said Broussard. “We know he had those problems in Sacramento and in Phoenix. I didn’t know he was having those issues in Boston. He is known as a headstrong guy. He’s got a huge ego. They say he’s got the Napoleon complex. He’s always got that chip on his shoulder.”

T&R wondered where exactly those comments came from – if they’re even true. They find it hard to believe that any Celtics executive would make such comments about Isaiah, or that the point guard really was that much of a problem with his teammates. At this point, Broussard is the only prominent reporter to say anything about Isaiah’s supposed “issues” in Boston.

They also touched upon a handful of misguided fans who burned their Isaiah Thomas jerseys, but we won’t give them the satisfaction of posting their videos here.

Listen to the full podcast above!


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