TAUNTON (CBS) — Bristol Community College is opening a “Gaming Lab,” to train students to be workers in the casino industry.

The lab is the first of its kind in Massachusetts and Bristol Community College needed certification from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

Bristol Community College President Laura Douglas says she’s pleased the school could set-up the program.

“We are so excited now to have this ability to offer gaming training,” Douglas said. “We are ready for this and it really does mean a lot that the gaming commission has blessed our institution and our programming,our curriculum.”

gaming lab Bristol Community College Opens Casino Gaming Lab

Bristol Community College gaming lab. (Photo credit: Ben Parker/WBZ NewsRadio 1030)

Massachusetts Gaming Commissioner Bruce Stebbens says there was plenty of interest in the program.

“Bristol, thanks to a lot of great work, came to the table first. They created an incredible program in culinary arts, tourism, casino gaming, and hospitality,” Stebbens said.

Students in the program will spend about 200 hours in the lab at the Silver City Galleria during their fourth semester in the Catch Institute program.

Jack Sbrega was the school’s president until he stepped down a month ago and he says the program is an opportunity for job training in a growing industry.

“It’s really blossomed, not just because of talk of casinos in Taunton or throughout Massachusetts. They’re employment opportunities for our people of the region if they choose to pursue that career path and we want to make that available to them,” Sbrega said.

Teacher Paul Robillard is one of the instructors in the program and he says his job is more than teaching students to deal cards.

“I also teach courses on casino operations and also a course in security surveillance,” Robillard said.

The hands-on training for operating a casino is the hands-on “lab” at the Silver City Galleria.

The first three semesters in the program are at the Fall River campus. The fourth semester is 200 hours in the casino classroom.


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