By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

Final, 31-24 Jaguars: It’s all over, as Brissett sails two straight long passes out of the back of the end zone. Hey, as far as presason games go, that one was at least kind of exciting from a competition standpoint. There will be plenty to chew on for the region as that game gets dissected and overanalyzed for the next week, but the bottom line is that any time a team loses to the Jaguars in any scenario, there will be plenty to evaluate.

Fourth quarter, 1:06, 31-24 Jaguars: The Jags elected to punt, and the Patriots take over with not a whole lot of time left at their own 31. Drama! Preseason drama!

Fourth quarter, 4:50, 31-24 Jaguars: The Patriots were gifted 43 yards on the first play of the drive on a pass interference penalty, and they threatened to score after getting to the 9-yard line. But on a fourth-down pass, Brissett fired high over everybody, turning it over on downs.

Fourth quarter, 6:53, 31-24 Jaguars: Hey, if you’re here for the drama, you’ve got yourself some preseason drama.

The Pats’ D stepped up to make a stop on third-and-1, and the Jags opted to try the 54-yard field goal. It went wide left, and the Pats now have a chance to tie or, more likely, try to take the lead with a two-point conversion. (Because nobody wants to flirt with overtime in the preseason.)

Fourth quarter, 10:47, 31-24 Jaguars: You know, it didn’t always look pretty, but Brissett just led a rather fine touchdown drive.

On a third-and-15, Brissett showed off his cannon with a bullet over the middle to — who else? — Cody Hollister for a gain of exactly 15. Later, Brissett did not see a blitz coming at all from his left side, but he was able to do his best Roethlisberger imitation by standing tall, spinning out of a would-be sack, and firing up the field. He connected with Sam Cotton over the middle for a 12-yard gain.

Facing a fourth-and-1 on the 3-yard line, the Patriots went for it, and D.J. Foster ran off the left side untouched on a pitch for a touchdown. That might help make up for the fumble, slightly. Maybe not.

Third quarter, :09, 31-17 Jaguars: Another long bomb, another Jags touchdown. Another scene of Cyrus Jones chasing the play.

In fairness, the cornerback expected safety help on this one — a 42-yarder up the left sideline from Brandon Allen to Dede Westbrook — and he didn’t get it from Jordan Richards. Still, he was barely in Westbrook’s zip code in coverage, which doesn’t help Jones’ night.

Third quarter, 2:11, 24-17 Jaguars: Another Patriots injury, as Elandon Roberts draws the attention of the training staff. It was hard to tell what that might have been. He’s a great run stuffer for the Patriots so they’re definitely hoping this one is minor.

Third quarter, 3:54, 24-17 Jaguars: Brissett fired to Lucien on a third down, but the pass sailed high, and Brissett’s first drive goes three and out.

A block in the back on the punt return sets the Jaguars back a bit, and the Jaguars will take over around their own 20.

Third quarter, 5:14, 24-17 Jaguars: The Pats’ D came up with a stop, and now it’s officially Jacoby Brissett time.

Third quarter, 7:48, 24-17 Jaguars: This drive was a-moving for the Patriots (with Garoppolo still in there), but D.J. Foster coughed up the football inside the 10-yard line on what would have set up a first-and-goal. Helmet to the football works every time, and it was Tracy Howard who knocked it loose.

The drive had covered more than 40 yards already, with Cody Hollister picking up 19 yards over the middle on a third-and-5. It was the third straight encouraging drive for the Patriots’ offense, but it ends in a way that Belichick will surely find unacceptable.

Third quarter, 11:02, 24-17 Jaguars: Well, that tie didn’t last long. Corey Grant broke up a run up the gut, kicked it out to the left side, and he was off to the races. No Patriot player got within three yards of him on his 79-yard touchdown run.

Bad night for these backup defensive players.

Third quarter, 11:20, 17-17: The dreaded double score has come back to bite the Jaguars. Nobody does it better than the Patriots — even with Garoppolo at quarterback.

This scoring drive was sprung when the Jaguars forgot to cover Hollister up the left seam. Garoppolo hit the wide open tight end for a 38-yard gain. After a few short runs, Garoppolo threw a quick pass to K.J. Maye in the right slot, and he simply followed his blockers into the end zone for a touchdown.

Tie ballgame.

Third quarter, 14:55, 17-10 Jaguars: The second half is underway, and Garoppolo is still out there at quarterback.

Halftime, 17-10 Jaguars: A drive that started with a whole lot of Dion Lewis ends with a whole lot of Austin Carr. And it ends with a touchdown.

Lewis got things going by picking up large chunks of yardage to give the Patriots a chance to score before the half. Then Austin Carr did an impressive job of staying in bounds while catching a ball and falling to the turf to get the Patriots into the red zone. Carr made another catch at the 5-yard line and then on third down, Garoppolo gave the rookie a chance to go up and get it. Carr floated in the back of the end zone and came down with a hard-earned touchdown. Impressive work all around from the offense on that drive. Jacob Hollister also held on to a pass despite getting his helmet knocked off.

The Jags took a knee to head into halftime with a 17-10 lead.

Second quarter, 1:57, 17-3 Jaguars: There was some big boy football being played down on the goal line, but it’s the Jaguars who win the battle as Leonard Fournette was able to plunge in from the 1-yard line on third down.

The Jaguars got there on a long pass interference penalty on Jason Thompson. Thompson didn’t actually make much contact with Greene, but he didn’t look like a man in position to properly make a play, and so the flag flew. Rough couple of drives for the defense with the deep balls.

Second quarter, 3:45, 10-3 Jaguars: The Patriots had a little something going, with Garoppolo making a slick slidearm sling to Austin Carr while on the run to convert a third down. Jacob Hollister later hauled in a pass while leaping and absorbing a big hit to pick up another first down.

But a misfired by Garoppolo to Lewis and a Lewis screen pass that had no chance forced the Patriots to settle for a 56-yard field-goal attempt. Gostkowski didn’t appear to get the perfect strike on the ball, and the kick missed to the left.

Second quarter, 9:00, 10-3 Jaguars: One play, 97 yards, touchdown. Nobody saw that coming.

Henne lofted a ball up the left sideline to Keelan Cole, who had a half-step on Cyrus Jones. Cole adjusted to the pass; Jones did not. And Cole was off to the races.

That is — quite obviously — not what the second-year cornerback is looking for tonight.

Second quarter, 9:15, 3-3: Third downs have not been kind to Garoppolo tonight, as he’s already taken two drive-ending sacks. On this third down — a third-and-6 at the 44 — Garoppolo stepped up in the pocket and tried to connect with Jacob Hollister, but the pass was not accurate.

Ryan Allen stepped in and dropped a punt to the Jaguars’ 3-yard line. Fans of good punting got their money’s worth right there.

Second quarter, 10:48, 3-3: Following the injury timeout, the Jaguars converted a third-and-9 with an 11-yard pass over the middle. Two plays later on a third-and-6, quarterback Chad Henne couldn’t connect with Shane Wynn, and the Jaguars had to settle for a field-goal attempt.

But Jason Myers’ kick from the right hash kept curling left and ended up going wide on the 50-yard attempt, so the Patriots’ offense will take over at their own 40-yard line.

Second quarter, 13:21, 3-3: What nobody from either side wants to see is an injury, but unfortunately for Deatrich Wise Jr., he’s down on the field and being tended to by the training staff.

Wise — a fourth-round pick out of Arkansas — has turned a lot of heads this preseason and looked capable of being an impact player on the defensive line. He may still be, of course, but a first-half injury in the first preseason game is always an unsettling occurrence.

Replay showed Adam Butler’s knee hit Wise in the back of the head as Wise was falling to the turf. So, from afar, it looked like a concussion or at least fear of a concussion. He’s off to the locker room to get evaluated now.

First quarter, :51, 3-3: Brandon Bolden had himself a solid few plays there, most notably with a 24-yard burst to the left side to convert on a third-and-2. Bolden had 34 yards on four carries that drive. Garoppolo also completed a pass to Gronkowski — Glenn Gronkowski, that is — on a drive that went 60 yards but ended on yet another third-down sack.

Gostkowski drilled a 43-yarder to tie the game.

First quarter, 6:19, 3-0 Jaguars: Elandon Roberts stepped up to make an aggressive tackle to stop Fournette short of the first-down on a third-and-1. The Jaguars elected to go for it on fourht down, and Fournette found a seam right up the gut to keep the drive going. Good vision from the rookie.

Fournette picked up another first down a couple of plays later, setting up a goal-to-go situation. But the Patriots’ defense stiffened, forcing Bortles to throw out of the end zone on third down. The Jaguars settled for a short field goal to take a 3-0 lead.

First quarter, 11:47, 0-0: The Jaguars brought some pressure from the Patriots’ left side on a third-and-1, with Ngakoue getting pas LaAdrian Waddle and chasing down Garoppolo for a sack. Garoppolo’s options were clearly taken away there.

The Jaguars rode the momentum to a big punt return too, as Greene brought the ball all the way to the Patriots’ 37-yard line on a 41-yard return.

First quarter, 12:55, 0-0: After a big run by Chris Ivory on the first offensive play of the game, the Jaguars stall out, with Greene dropping a pass short of the sticks on third down.

Cyrus Jones fielded his punt of the preseason but was tackled immediately. Now it’s Jimmy Garoppolo time.

First quarter, 14:55, 0-0: The game is underway. Jonathan Jones made a tackle on the opening kickoff at the 11-yard line, and it’ll go halfway closer to the goal line after a holding penalty on the Jaguars. An inauspicious start for the Jags.

7:30 p.m.: It’s about that time …

6:45 p.m.: Well, seeing Brady play tonight appeared to be a long shot. And apparently now there is no shot.

However, actually seeing Brady? That will happen.

6:26 p.m.: A look at who won’t be suiting up for Jacksonville tonight:

5:20 p.m.: In case you had missed it, Jeff Howe played the role of Captain Buzzkill by reporting that Tom Brady, Brandin Cooks, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman are all expected sit out tonight.

4:30 p.m.: Some football-like activities will be taking place on the field at Gillette Stadium this evening. Hold on to your hats.

No, it won’t be the real return of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkwoski and the reigning Super Bowl champions. It will be more of a soft launch of the 2017 season, as the Patriots host the Jaguars for the preseason opener after a round of joint practices this week.

While nobody would ever confuse the game for anything with high stakes, it is nevertheless always a welcome sight for folks who have been starving for football to return since February.

As for everything that takes place, it’ll all be right here in the live blog, with instant analysis and reaction from pregame warmups to the final whistle. Certainly, a handful of roster spots are up for grabs this summer in Foxboro, so while the game may be lacking in pure star power, there will be plenty to keep an eye on.

You can email Michael Hurley or find him on Twitter @michaelFhurley.

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  1. In short ….in truth….in reality…THE STAGE FOR MASS MURDER RETURNS….FOOTBALL!

  2. The announcers are aware that we are watching the game – correct?? Or are they paid by the word?? Enough!!

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