AUBURN (CBS) — Auburn police say they have fixed the carbon monoxide issue in its Ford Explorer cruisers.

Those cruisers tested positive for carbon monoxide and six police officers had to be treated for exposure.

Auburn Police Captain Shawn Steele says that can be a problem.

auburn police cruiser Auburn Police Say Carbon Monoxide Issue Is Fixed

Auburn Police Cruiser. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

“They live in these cruisers for eight hours at a time, maybe longer,” Steele said.

The department says Ford engineers helped troubleshoot and repair the problem.

A number of departments have installed CO detectors in their cruisers after officers started to complain about being sickened by exhaust seeping into them.

One Auburn police officer passed out at the wheel causing a fender bender.

CBS News has learned that Ford is considering a recall in order to fix the problem.


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