BOSTON (CBS) – Now for some really big savings according to AARP.

#83 Shop for car insurance. In a 2015 study, drivers who switched insurers saved an average of $388.

#90 Work from home one day a week. For SUV drivers, the savings in commuting costs alone can be up to $1,965 a year. Wow! Try working from home twice a week if possible.

#91 Upgrade your washing machine. The top EnergyStar-certified washers can save you as much as $91 a year or $1,001 over a typical 11-year life. Notice the 11-year life span. My first washer lasted 18 years. Appliances no longer last much beyond 10 years.

#92 Transfer credit card debt to a card with a zero percent interest. The average American pays about $2,400 in credit card interest annually. Find better options at Often the offer may only be for 6 months or a year. Work hard at paying off that credit card debt before your time runs out. And beware there is often a transfer fee.

#96 Become a one-car couple. Selling the second car could save $4,118 a year. Perhaps it could but in my case, I wonder how much the divorce would cost. Not sure we would save that much! Getting my husband a bike with a big basket on it could work.

#99 Max out your retirement plan. At least match the contribution your employer makes. One-fourth of workers at companies offering 401(k) plans don’t get the full match, missing out on an average of $1,336 in free money annually.

Do check out the article at the AARP’s website for more ways to save than we covered this week. It has some good suggestions on saving and some you know you will never use. Like getting rid of the second car. If my husband wants to sell his that’s okay with me.

You don’t need to be a AARP member to access the article 99 Great Ways to Save.


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