By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Can you feel the excitement not building for the debut of “Life of Kylie,” the new unreal reality show featuring the youngest Kardashian sister that all of America has not been waiting for?

This excruciating waste of time and videotape debuts later this month, but Brian Lowry of CNN got a sneak peek at the first two episodes, and the experience seems to have left him deeply scarred.

Kylie Jenner, he writes, combines “self-pity with a lack of self-awareness,” kind of like a Hollywood version of David Price.

Lowry says “it’s amazing how much whining Jenner does,” and quotes her saying: “It’s hard to do normal things when every single person knows who you are,” a real epiphany coming from someone who has, apparently willingly, been allowing the cameras into her life since age eight.

But it does seem as if Kylie is somewhat of a sympathetic figure, or at least as sympathetic as a millionaire publicity addict can be.

On the show – excuse me, in real life – she decides to accept some random teenage boy’s invitation to attend his high-school prom with him.

This prompts some soul-searching from Kylie, a very brief search indeed, in which she reflects on the fact that she was home-schooled and didn’t go to her high-school prom.

This is what they call a “First World problem,” although I’m sure it came as a relief to the other kids at the prom.

As the CNN critic puts it: “A certain level of vacuity is clearly part of the shtick…but ‘Kylie’ [the show’s clever title] pushes emptiness toward its limits.”

Just three days to go until the premiere everyone!

Plenty of time to buy a book, or take up knitting.

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