BOSTON (CBS) – Today we’ll talk about savings in the $101 to $200 range. I like it that numbers keep going up.

#59 Tap into your local library from home. OverDrive is a free app that makes it a snap to borrow and read your library’s e-book collection on your phone, tablet, or computer. Savings $8.35 a book. And if you read a lot it could amount to over $400 a year.

I read on average a book a week and usually have another book to listen to in the car for my commute. I access my library’s e-books from their website which I think is just as easy.

#64 Use rechargeable batteries. A battery charger and a couple of AA batteries that can be recharged hundreds of time will cost about $40. Disposable AA batteries cost about 50 cents each, so you could save $180 a year.

We use rechargeable batteries everywhere in our house except for the smoke alarms. They are not recommended for smoke alarms.

#66 Become a YouTube handyperson. Save on home repairs by watching YouTube. A recent video showed how to fix the latch spring on a microwave door, saving the home owner $150 because they did not need to buy a new appliance. I use YouTube frequently for help.

#70 Upgrade your dishwasher. A new dishwasher that is EnergyStar-certified will use on average $323 in energy and water over its lifetime, versus $754 for hand-washing. Savings $434 and a happy spouse.

#71 Pay off credit cards faster. Credit cards charge interest daily. If you have a $5,000 balance and pay $121 every other week rather than $242 at the end of the month, says you can cut interest payments by $359 a year on a card with 17% interest rate.

And once you are out of debt work hard at staying out of debt. Interest on a $5000 card balance is $850 a year.

#84 Drive safely. Some insurers offer discounts if you prove that you drive safely by using a plug-in device for your car. Nationwide insurance for example offers a SmartRide discount for up to 40% or $400 on $1,000 policy.


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