BOSTON (CBS) — You may have heard that Tom Brady will turn 40 years old on Thursday.

Brady’s age has been discussed quite a bit heading into the new season, with the five-time Super Bowl champ defying all the odds that have plagued older quarterbacks in recent years. But the fact that Brady is about to conclude his fourth decade on earth still amazes some of his teammates, even if they do poke fun at him about his age from time to time.

“It’s pretty wild,” tight end Rob Gronkowski told reporters after Wednesday’s training camp session at Gillette Stadium. “Today is his last day in his 30s. There’s nowhere else he wants to spend it besides the football field. But it’s just unbelievable how he’s turning 40 and just where he’s at right now. It’s just unreal.”

The 28-year-old tight end is so impressed with what he sees from Brady on a daily basis that he’s toning down his wild ways and following the QB’s strict (and crazy) diet and workout regimen. It’s pretty easy to understand why Gronk is adopting Brady’s way of life off of the field.

“I look at him and he turns 40 tomorrow and he runs around like he’s younger than me. So it’s pretty obvious right there,” said Gronk.

Gronk said things are going well with his new way of living, with Brady not only throwing passes his way but also cooking for him. On these especially hot and grueling days of training camp, is there anything more appealing than a fresh scoop of avocado ice cream?

“Dinners are super healthy. After this type of workout you fiend for that type of stuff. That’s when you want all those nutrients,” he said.  That’s when you want to eat it. So he cooks them for me, I eat them.”

Maybe on Thursday, Gronk will be the one cooking for the birthday boy. But when asked the all-important question of what he could get for a man who pretty much has everything for his birthday, Gronkowski said the answer is rather simple.

“I get him touchdowns,” said Gronk. “You’ve got to catch the ball. That’s all he wants – his receivers, tight ends, running backs to catch the ball. So that’s probably what he wants tomorrow.”


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