BOSTON (CBS) — Dennis Eckersley was at Fenway Park on Tuesday night to be honored as part of the Red Sox’ nightly “Legends” tributes. He received a huge ovation from the Fenway faithful for his Hall of Fame career.

The applause was also, ostensibly, a showing of support for Eckersley in his ongoing off-field drama with David Price.

The Red Sox lefty recently doubled down on his problem with the NESN color commentator, which has become something of a soap opera since the details of their infamous June 29 confrontation on the team plane became public. Eckersley heard that Price apparently has no intention of apologizing, and in turn he has no intention of meeting with the pitcher just to hear the same message again.

At this point, Eckersley is doing his best to put the incident behind him. And he has no intention of changing his broadcasting style, either.

“I’m cool with everything,” Eckersley told the Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy. “I’ve moved on. I’m just going to keep doing what I do, which is call it like I see it. It’s all about the Red Sox and the ultimate goal of winning it all.”

As a commentator, Eckersley is often candid in his remarks, unafraid to point out when the Red Sox make mistakes on the diamond. That style, combined with his apparent lack of presence in the Red Sox clubhouse, has rubbed players the wrong way – none more than Price.

Eckersley, who hasn’t received an apology from Price, manager John Farrell, or any of the players who applauded during the plane incident, reportedly “rejected” efforts by the Red Sox to set up a meeting between him and Price. He also “strongly disputes” Price’s claim that the confrontation caused him to say more positive things about the team during NESN broadcasts.

Eckersley is expected to return to the broadcasting booth for NESN on Thursday, when the Red Sox take on the White Sox at Fenway Park.

Comments (5)
  1. Price has been a over paid disappointment

    1. Mike Korbey says:

      Agreed! And he should shut up and focus his efforts on improving his game. If he IS going to pay attention to what the “media” says about him, then grow a pair, and maybe even take some of the advice, especially if it comes from a Hall of Famer who accomplished way more than you ever will.

  2. I find myself turning the volume down whenever Eckersley is in the announcer’s booth. His meandering commentary gets on my nerves.

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