BOSTON (CBS) – For the last eight summers AARP has produced an article in their July Bulletin on 99 Ways to Save. I have skipped a couple of years but this year’s headlines caught my eye. “An annual round up of clever money saving ideas up to over $34,000 in potential extra cash in your pocket.”

That sounded like a lot of money. I thought we would spend the week checking out the best ideas.

They broke the article into savings ranges. The first being savings from $1 to $10.

#5 Use a gas advantage program. Grocery store chains let you earn a discount at select gas stations. Usually 10 cents a gallon. Stop & Shop here in New England offers a program and Cumberland Farms offers Smart Pay which save 10 cents a gallon. Both BJ’s and Sam’s Club offer discounted gas. Ten cents doesn’t sound like much; with a fill up you might save $1 or $2. But the potential savings could be $75 or more a year.

#10 Use baby oil to remove eye makeup. At 25 cents, an ounce baby oil works as well as the brand name removers at $4.25 an ounce. And I personally like the way baby oil smells. Savings; $10 to $15 a year depending on the amount of makeup you wear.

#14 Routinely call your cable company or internet provider.  Ask to see what they will do to keep you loyal. Ask for the retention department. They may be able to lower your bill or offer you an additional service. Average savings $8.

#15 Get reimbursed for ATM fees. Most online banks and some traditional bank’s will reimburse you for fees incurred when you use another bank’s ATM. But you may have to ask. Average savings $4.50 per transaction. I know Fidelity does it automatically for you.

#17 Buy tea in bags, not bottles. Twelve bottles of iced teas costs $36 if bought individually. Ice tea bags about 10 cents apiece. Add 2 teaspoons of sugar at about 4 cents and make the equivalent amount of iced tea for $1.48. Savings over $34.

#19 Quit drinking soda. According to AARP if you knock off a couple of two-liter bottles from your weekly shopping trip and drink tap water instead you could save over $120 a year.

Annual savings for these 6 suggestions: $1050.


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