WALTHAM (CBS) — The man accused of stabbing a woman to death at a Waltham rooming house was in court Monday.

Derrick Lopez, 18, was arraigned in Waltham District Court on a murder charge, accused of killing  36-year-old Christin Tobin.

Lopez’s family became very emotional in the court room and believes that he was set-up. They say Lopez is intellectually challenged and it was another relative who knew the victim.

“My son is a good guy he never do this,” said Rosa Lopez, the suspect’s mother. “I love him so much I want him home.”

Michael Lycus knew the suspect in high school. “I’m a very good judge of character and I know he is an amazing kid, so once I saw him come up in the courtroom, I didn’t really believe it,” Lycus told WBZ-TV.

According to the police report, Lopez “stated that the female tried to attack him and he grabbed the knife away from her…and began stabbing her…he felt like he was in a dream.”

Police confirm they also picked up Lopez’s cousin, Tyler McDonald, at the scene, arresting him on an unrelated probation violation.

Lopez is being held without bail and is due to make another court appearance next month.


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