BOSTON (CBS) – A woman was arrested after she allegedly abused her pit bull at the Dudley Square MBTA station.

Around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday, Transit Police were on patrol when they saw a woman, later identified as Pamela Tyler, with her young pit bull named Mimi.

Tyler allegedly forcefully yanked the dog’s leash and hit the dog in the face after it tried to lick the ground.

About 20 seconds later, police say Tyler grabbed Mimi by the head and hit her several times in the face and nose.

Tyler told WBZ-TV, “I didn’t hit my dog.”

animalcruelty Woman Charged With Abusing Pit Bull At Dudley Square

Pamela Tyler appears in court on July 14, 2017. (Image Credit: Beth Germano/WBZ-TV)

Officers intervened and arrested Tyler for cruelty to animals.

Transit Police said Tyler refused to cooperate with police and resisted being placed into the cruiser. She also allegedly spit on officers before being taken away.

She was in court Friday, charged with animal cruelty and assault.

People who know Tyler were surprised. Defense Attorney Joan Curran said the dog is a companion.

“That dog is there as a companion for her,” Curran said. “You can tell when she speaks about the dog that she very much loves the dog.”

Tyler’s friend Kat White said that Tyler was “protective.”

“She was very protective of the dog when you walk upon her. She’ll tell you you don’t touch the dog, you don’t kick the dog. I’m very surprised at this,” White said.

Tyler was released on bail but ordered to stay away from Mimi. She will also have to wear a GPS device because of alleged violations of the court order to stay away from the Dudley Station.

The dog is scheduled to undergo a physical exam on Monday.


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