BOSTON (CBS) — Service resumed on part of the MBTA Green Line Wednesday afternoon after it was temporarily suspended due to a power problem caused by a fire at Boylston Station.

The MBTA began tweeting about delays around 1 p.m., and later suspended service for the section that includes the Arlington, Boylston, Park Street, and Government Center stops.

“We were on the train and all of a sudden it shut off and the AC went off and we were underneath the tunnel without any answers,” said passenger Erica Moise.

Moise said passengers had to walk on the track to get out and posted photos that appeared to show just that.

“We were evacuated after about 20-25 minutes, we were evacuated between Park Street and Boylston it was about a two minute walk under ground,” said Moise.

Police officers cleared a space in front of the entrance to Park Street Station on Boston Common and waved people away as passengers streamed out of the station.

parkst Regular Green Line Service Resumes After Power Problem

Police and firefighters in front of Park Street station after power problems shut down part of the MBTA Green Line. (WBZ-TV)

Boston Fire is saying there was an electrical fire on top of a Green Line train at Boylston Station which most likely knocked out the power to the train, requiring the evacuations sending passengers out to the Boylston, Park Street and Arlington Stations.

“Everybody worked together people got out of the trains out of the tunnel safely, the electricity on the green line is overhead so there is no third rail to worry about down here so it was pretty safe.” said District Fire Chief Paul Burke.

“I was scared because these green lines are old so anything happens, anything can happen.” said Moise.

Fire officials say two passengers were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

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