By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Donald Trump Jr. gave us all an unexpected math lesson by releasing what appear to be incriminating emails surrounding his meeting with a Russian operative peddling dirt on Hillary Clinton. Two plus two, Junior seemed to demonstrate, really does equal four.

But as this seemingly endless affair now reaches a whole new level of percolation, let’s talk about a couple of do’s and don’ts responsible citizens might consider following, if for no other reason than to preserve our own sanity.

Do be skeptical of any sort of spin from Trump apologists about a campaign connection with Russia going forward.

There it is in black and white in those emails, the eagerness of Donald Junior to accept oppo research from a foreign national, the unblinking acceptance of the notion that Russia was eager to help the campaign. Future claims that this is all a “hoax” or “fake news” now fall into the category of willful ignorance.

But don’t rush to judgment that any sort of crime has been committed here.

Federal law bars acceptance of campaign donations of money or other things of value from foreigners, but was anything of value offered or accepted in this case? You may not like President Trump, but how would you feel if your enemies jumped the gun and falsely accused you of a crime?

Do keep an eye out for politicians of either party who prefer grandstanding to governing.

Democrats in particular ought to take a step back and let the facts take the lead for now.

And whatever you do, don’t despair.

I know our country is better than all this. Perhaps our elected leaders can eventually justify that optimism.

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