By David Robichaud

BOSTON (CBS) – Napoleon Chalas showed WBZ-TV where a bullet passed through both of his legs.

The 71-year-old Lynn man was sleeping in his first floor bedroom Saturday when around midnight someone fired a gun outside. A bullet pierced the outside of his apartment and went right through his wall.

His son picks up the story from there.

synnstraybullet Stray Bullet Hits 71 Year Old Man Sleeping In Lynn Apartment

Napoleon Chalas sits in his home after being hit in his leg by a stray bullet. (Photo Credit: WBZ-TV)

“I heard five or six gunshots, I duck and cover because I felt the gunshots were so close,” said Edison Chalas.

Edison then ran to his dad’s room.

“I saw a lot of blood gushing out of his legs and that’s when I responded to dial 911,” said Edison. “My mother started putting clothes around the wound to stop the bleeding a bit.”

bullethole Stray Bullet Hits 71 Year Old Man Sleeping In Lynn Apartment

Bullet hole in Lynn home (WBZ-TV)

Napoleon spent the weekend at Mass. General Hospital.

Fortunately the bullet didn’t hit any major arteries or nerves, it even missed the bones.

Napoleon says he is feeling better and knows that he is very lucky.

While get well messages pour in, the family said any kind of gunfire is very rare in their Chestnut Street neighborhood, and they have no idea why someone would be shooting near them.


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