BOSTON (CBS) — Allstate has released its annual safe drivers list and it will come as no surprise to some that Boston lands at the very bottom.

The rankings sift through a trove of insurance claims data to make up the list. They looked at how often an average citizen of each city puts in a claim as well as “hard-breaking events” per one-thousand miles.

Boston comes in at 200 out of 200. Its average resident goes just 3.5 years between insurance claims, compared to a national average of 10 years.

pike5 Boston Is Last In Ranking Of Best Drivers

The new lanes at the site of the old Weston tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike, Nov. 1, 2016. (WBZ-TV)

There’s more bad news for the next two biggest cities in Massachusetts. Worcester ranks 198th, while Springfield is only slightly better at 196.

Boston also finished at the bottom of the ranking in 2016.

Kansas City is the number one safest city to drive this year, improving on its second place finish from last year. In the city, each citizen goes an average of 15 years between claims. The national average is 10. They also have just 10 “hard-braking events” per 1,000 miles, and the national average is 19.

Texas has three cities in the top 10, starting with Brownsville in 2nd, as citizens go an average of 14.5 years between claims. Laredo, Texas is rated 7th and McAllen, Texas is judged to be 9th.

As for the biggest cities, New York City is 116th, which is an improvement from 143rd last year. They have 33 hard-breaking events per 1,000 miles. On the west coast, Los Angeles is 193rd and San Francisco is 185th. Chicago is 129th, and has 26 hard-breaking events per 1,000 miles.

Allstate does the rankings to promote safe driving habits.

“From always buckling up to never texting behind the wheel, there are many ways people across the nation practice safe driving habits,” the site read. “With its annual report, Allstate hopes to encourage Americans to be safer, smarter drivers.”

Where does your city rank? Check Allstate for their full rankings of the top 200 cities.