BOSTON (CBS) — This happened right in the middle of rush hour Thursday evening on the Red Line.

The surveillance video showed a man weaving around on the platform. The video continued to show the man weaving until he fell onto the tracks, awkwardly falling, and hitting his head on the rail.

Commuters immediately begin waving frantically to catch the attention of any oncoming trains.

commuters waving to train Man Rescued From Red Line Tracks

Commuters waving to stop a Red Line train. (Photo credit: MBTA)

A “T” employee and a customer then jumped down to assist the man until first responders eventually arrived to safely rescue him from the train pit.

man on tracks Man Rescued From Red Line Tracks

The Man on the MBTA Red Line tracks. (Photo credit: @KRISKREAM)

The man told police he was dancing and missed. In his words, “A sick landing,” when he fell.

Luckily he didn’t come in contact with the track’s highly-charged third rail.

Officials say that the man is recovering from minor injuries.


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