HAMPSTEAD (CBS) – Police in New Hampshire have identified the driver of a truck who they believe intentionally drove at a pedestrian.

Hampstead Police said the pedestrian was nearly hit Thursday morning on Maple Ave.

nhtruck NH Police Say Driver Targeted Pedestrian

Police are searching for this truck for allegedly driving at a pedestrian in New Hampshire. (Image Credit: Hampstead Police)

The vehicle involved was a brown GMC or Chevy pickup truck with a dog crate in the back.

“It is believed that the incident may be targeted towards a specific person and is under investigation,” police said.

The pedestrian was not hit by the truck.

nhtiremarks NH Police Say Driver Targeted Pedestrian

Tire marks left behind by a truck police say swerved at a pedestrian. (Image Credit: Hampstead Police)

Police shared a photograph of tire marks from the incident, and an apparent cell phone picture that shows the back of the truck.

On Friday, police said they have since identified the driver and found the truck.

Detectives do not believe the driver and pedestrian know each other.

No further information was released, but police said there is no danger to the community.


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