BOSTON (CBS) — A second man has been arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court in connection to a fire that killed a 29-year-old woman last November.

Kenneth Ford was ordered held without bail Thursday on charges of arson and second-degree felony murder. On Wednesday, Marcus Dozier was arraigned on the same charges and also held without bail.

Prosecutors say they lit a fire in a George Street home that killed Michelle Trentor, who was trapped inside, and seriously injured a 37-year-old homeless man.

trentor michelle Second Man Arraigned On Murder, Arson Charges In Roxbury Fire That Killed Woman

Michelle Trentor. (Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office)

They said Dozier and Ford were part of a group of homeless people living and using drugs in the abandoned building.

According to prosecutors, the pair tried unsuccessfully to light the house on fire on November 4 because they thought it was going to be demolished soon.

They allegedly told several other people in the building that they needed to get out soon and “not ask questions,” because there was “something in that house” that they needed “to get rid of” before any potential work crews entered.

It was not known what the two were apparently trying to hide.

The fire was discovered by Boston Sewer and Water workers who watched that homeless man stagger out of the building on fire. He was taken to Boston Medical Center with life-threatening injuries, and survived his serious burn injuries.

fire2 Second Man Arraigned On Murder, Arson Charges In Roxbury Fire That Killed Woman

Fire destroyed this home on George Street in Roxbury November 5. (Image Credit: Boston Fire Department)

Authorities found Trentor’s body inside the building after the fire was put out.

Prosecutors said that, after the fire, Ford and Dozier made references to having burned the building town to several of the other people who had lived inside. Those people helped investigators focus on Ford and Dozier.

In a statement Thursday afternoon, Trentor’s family thanked those who helped the investigation “even as they wrestled with the same addictions that had left Trentor homeless.”

“We hope that with the light that Michelle shined within your hearts, you take care of yourselves,” the family wrote in the statement. “She would have wanted you all to live your lives to the fullest, on your terms. From our family, we wish for you what we wished for Michelle, that you get the help you need. We have no doubt that Michelle would have eventually gotten there too. Above all there is always hope.”

Dozier was arrested on Monday, and Ford on Wednesday. They were both indicted by the Suffolk County Grand Jury on June 28.

Both Ford and Dozier will be back in court August 3.


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