BEVERLY (CBS) — A firework that washed ashore on a Beverly beach was safely detonated Thursday.

The unexploded firework was found on West Beach and police temporarily shutdown the beach and West Road Thursday while it was removed.

It was taken to Beverly Airport where it was successfully blown up.

firework1 Firework Found On Beverly Beach Exploded Safely

The moment police detonated the unexploded firework in Beverly. (WBZ-TV)

Beverly Police Spokesman Officer Mike Boccuzzi says it likely came from the fireworks barge used in the display.

“Once they get wet and then dry off, they can be dangerous,” Boccuzzi said. “It likely came from the barge that was about 100 to 200 yards off the beach.”

“They go off but some of them are duds,” he also said.

This follows one day after an unexploded firework washed ashore in Falmouth. That piece was successfully blown up in the Falmouth dump.


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