BOSTON (CBS) – Eight months after a fire at an abandoned home in Roxbury that left a woman dead and another man critically injured, two men are facing charges for murder and arson.

On Wednesday, one of those men arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court.

Marcus Dozier, 46, was arrested Monday and charged with second-degree murder and arson.

Michelle Trentor was killed in a fire at a vacant home on George Street in Roxbury November 5.

fire2 Man Held Without Bail On Murder, Arson Charges In Roxbury Fire

Fire destroyed this home on George Street in Roxbury November 5. (Image Credit: Boston Fire Department)

In court Wednesday afternoon, Dozier was allowed to hide his face from cameras.

He was ordered held without bail.

An alleged co-conspirator of Dozier’s, Kenneth Ford, was arrested Wednesday.

Prosecutors said Dozier and Ford were living as squatters with a group of people in the house and doing drugs.

When they received word that officials may be boarding the house up, they reportedly decided to set it ablaze instead.

Trentor did not make it out.

The key fact that the defense argued was that Dozier told everyone, including Trentor that they would be setting the house on fire that day.

“There is no claim whatsoever that Mr. Dozier intended any harm to the woman who died or to anyone,” said defense attorney Michael Roitman.

Ford will be arraigned on the same charges Thursday.


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