NEWBURYPORT (CBS) — Thomas Fowler once thought he’d lost the precious medal forever. It’s the Purple Heart.

“I just put it away in a drawer and forgot about it. I will feel really honored that I finally got it to the right people and that it didn’t get lost, or thrown away, or gone forever.”

The Purple Heart doesn’t belong him, or anyone he knows. He bought it at a yard sale about 15 years ago.

purpleheartfront Newburyport Man On A Mission To Return A Purple Heart

A Newburyport man is looking for the rightful owner of his Purple Heart medal (WBZ-TV)

The medal, which is missing the ribbon, is engraved with the name Harold E. Wandover.

Wandover, a Newburyport man, was killed in action during the Korean War.

After the purchase, Fowler lost it for some time.

purpleheartback Newburyport Man On A Mission To Return A Purple Heart

The Purple Heart that a Newburyport man is looking to return is engraved with the name Harold E. Wandover (WBZ-TV)

“One of my kids found it in a closet. It was on the table, and I said ‘Oh my God, I found it.’. So it sat there on the table for a day and I said ‘You know what, I’m not going to lose it again.'”

Fowler said he wants nothing more than to return the medal to Wandover’s family no matter how far away they may live.

“I don’t deserve it and it doesn’t deserve to be in my drawer hidden away from their history — not my history,” Fowler said.

“It’s what it’s going to mean to them when they hold it in their hand and know that this came from an ancestor that fought in the war.”

Comments (2)
  1. Chris Meyers says: Suggest you contact Purple Hearts Reunited to research Andrea return this metal.

  2. agedhipster says:

    I read a news story from the Boston Herald from 19 Sep 1950. It explained that his wife had written to the Adjuctant-General’s office to request that her husband not be sent overseas due to physical conditions and nerves, but that the letter was not received until after her husband shipped out of Tacoma, Washington. Harold died two days after his arrival in Korea. Maybe the family didn’t cherish this medal. I’m sure there is a story there. The story: “Newburyport GI Reported Killed In Korea.” The Boston Herald 19 Sep 1950, p.4.

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