BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady finally gave an opportunity for an interviewer to ask him about his wife Gisele Bündchen’s controversial recent comments regarding his apparent secret history of concussions. While he still hasn’t spoken directly about head injuries, the five-time Super Bowl champion has broken his silence.

In a new interview with ESPN’s “E:60”, Brady was asked for a response to Bündchen’s comments in a recent CBS interview in which she said that he a concussion in 2016 and inferred that he has suffered multiple concussions over the course of his 17-year career. Brady has never been listed on the Patriots injury report with a head injury.

“She’s there every day,” said Brady, via Pro Football Talk. “I mean, we go to bed, you know, in the same bed every night. So I think she’s, you know, she knows when I’m sore. She knows when I’m tired. She knows, you know, when I get hit. I mean, we drive home together. But she also knows how well, you know, I take care of myself. She’s a very concerned wife and very loving.”

Since he did not refute Bündchen’s comments, Brady’s response will be taken by many as a tacit admission that he has suffered head injuries and failed to report them to the Patriots. The idea that Brady or any other football player would hide concussions from teams is another complicated issue among many concerning chronic head trauma in professional football.


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