BOSTON (CBS) — Four people were shot in two separate incidents in Roxbury Sunday night. One of those was a triple shooting on Zeigler Street, not far from Dudley Square.

Three were rushed to an area hospital from the first scene. Part of Zeigler Street was blocked off as police combed the area.

EMS told WBZ-TV that at least one of the victims could be in critical condition.

A Roxbury resident says the situation is bad. “Of course it’s bad. You hate to see anybody get shot.”

After hearing about the shooting, Steven Ashmore had to go check on his mother.

“I said let me go check on my mom. You know what I mean,” Ashmore said.

He rushed over to make sure his mom was okay as police blocked off the street to investigate the shooting just after 11 last night.

zeigler 4 People Shot In Roxbury In 24 Hours

The scene on Zeigler Street, where three people were shot. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

A fourth victim was found a mile away in a separate shooting on Annunciation Road in Roxbury. Police says all four victims are expected to survive.

“I mean it’s just what they do I guess. It’s too bad,” Ashmore said, reacting to the shootings.

The pair of shootings follows a weekend stabbing and a car crash on Blue Hill Avenue late Saturday night.  The stabbing victim is also expected to be okay.

Boston Police statistics show crime in Roxbury is down 11% between January 1 and June 25, compared to the same period last year. So far there have been five homicides this year compared to nine at this time in 2016.

Kilra Hilton has been personally affected by the violence. Her son Raheem was gunned down on Greenvilled Street in Roxbury.

“So it’s like shooting here, you know a homicide. It just brings back so much hurt feelings you have no idea,” Hylton said.

This week marks the two year anniversary of the shooting death of Kilra Hylton’s son Raheem, so she’s pleading with parents, police, and the community to work together to stop the cycle of violence.

“Do I have to go out here an give these guys a hug? Give me a hug, put your gun down. I don’t know what I have to do,” Hylton said.

Although both shootings happened very close to each other, police do not think they’re connected.

No arrests have yet been made.


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