SEBAGO LAKE, Maine (CBS) — The National Weather Service has confirmed that a total of four tornadoes touched down in the lakes region of western Maine over the weekend.

maine1 Four Confirmed Tornadoes Damage Houses Across Western Maine

A tornado over Sebago Lake in Maine. (Photo courtesy Jackson Witherill)

An EF-0 tornado touched down over Sebago Lake.

Three EF-1 tornadoes, with wind speeds between 90-100 mph, touched down in Denmark, Moose Pond, and Bridgton.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030 editor Drew Moholland says one of those tornadoes blew through Moose Pond in Denmark, Maine where his family has a cottage. He said the storm knocked down a tree that then broke a window.

“Nobody was genuinely alarmed until that first big log smashed into the window. It was like slow motion. We could see the log coming and we said, ‘Oh boy!'” Moholland said.

He said he’s never seen anything like Saturday’s storms.

“We could see through the trees, the splintered trees, a little bit of the storm came flying through. You can see the path, directly through the links. We’ve never seen anything like it,” Moholland said.

The severe weather came through Saturday evening, causing widespread damage.

Trees came down on houses and roads, but there were no reports of major injuries.

maine2 Four Confirmed Tornadoes Damage Houses Across Western Maine

Damage from one of four confirmed tornadoes in Maine over the weekend.

The NWS issued seven tornado warnings in Western Maine Saturday–the most ever issued in the state for a single day or even a whole year.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports


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