SHREWSBURY (CBS) – Animal cruelty charges are possible if police can track down the person who shot a small rabbit with an arrow in Shrewsbury.

A resident posted a picture of the rabbit, which survived despite have an arrow through its back.

rabbit Shrewsbury Rabbit Found With Arrow Through Back

A Shrewsbury rabbit was hit with an arrow, but survived. (Image Credit: Animal Rescue League Boston)

Animal Rescue League workers tried to capture the rabbit, but it got spooked and darted into the woods.

The rabbit was spotted in the area of Keyes House Road.

  1. Is is LEGAL to hunt SMALL GAME, including WILD RABBITS, SQUIRRELS, ECT. This person who shot a PEST ANIMAL did nothing wrong, you can hunt them with bows, guns, whatever you WANT. They cannot possibly charge someone for doing a good deed.

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