BOSTON (CBS) – Celtics fans were greeted with bad news Friday night when Paul George was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. One report on Saturday likely won’t make them feel much better.

Celtics @ 7: Boston’s Offseason Now Hinges On Landing Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward is meeting in Miami with a Heat contingent that includes coaches, Alonzo Mourning, Pat Riley, and several players.

The Heat went as far as to create a banner outside the team’s arena depicting Hayward in a Miami uniform.

Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer reported Saturday that the Heat “should not be underestimated as a destination” for the Jazz forward. In fact, O’Connor went further.

Following his meeting in Miami, Hayward will travel to Boston to hear the Celtics’ pitch for why he should join Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford and company.

Specifics of what the Celtics will pitch are not known, but odds are Tom Brady won’t be involved this time around.

On Monday, Hayward will head to Utah for his final meeting as the Jazz try to convince him to return to the team that drafted him.

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  1. JJake Spitz says:

    Don’t forget Gordon and Robyn, hot and humid, think of diaper rash, athletes foot, jock itch, and all the other skin inflictions. Heavy air, so thick, that after a while it becomes so wearing and you wish for a change. The same, every day! Just a bit hotter than the next. Don’t forget about all the insecticides your kids will be breathing every day. How else do those in SE Florida keep the huge bugs and reptiles at bay. Otherwise, they would have taken the Everglades back by now.
    Boston has cold and snow, thank God. We have 4 wonderfully different seasons. Each bringing its own joy and traditions to be with family and friends. What the heck am I telling you that for, you both know the splendor of what that is.

  2. Rick M Rice says:

    And how is Spoelstra an advantage over Brad Stevens, one of the best young coaches in the NBA and a man who likely played a significant role in developing a young Gordon Hayward and helping prepare him to become the the NBA caliber player he is today! A man (Coach Stevens) whose mantra is ‘Play The Right Way and WIN! Only a fool would think Gordon Hayward wouldn’t have a “feature scoring role” in Boston! Better Lifestyle? SEE JJAKE SPITZ POST ABOVE! lol

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