By Lisa Hughes

METHUEN (CBS) – The popularity of backyard chickens has led to an unintended consequence in Massachusetts.

Right now, there are a lot of roosters up for adoption. At the MSPCA’s Nevins Farm in Methuen, there are roughly 100 “boy birds” that need homes.

And it’s not exactly a brotherhood. Roosters like to run the show alone—protecting the flock.

The humans who care for the roosters at Nevins Farm try to keep the peace. But it’s a lot of testosterone in one small space.

rooster1 Backyard Chicken Fad Leads To Rooster Boom At MSPCA Farm

Roosters up for adoption by MSPCA at Nevins Farm (WBZ-TV)

MSPCA Community Outreach Coordinator, Julia Pesek says, “It’s definitely a bachelor pad—that’s for sure. If you can imagine a frat house, it’s probably pretty similar.”

The reason for the “rooster boom” lies in a relatively new fad. When the owner of a backyard flock buys eggs—or even baby chicks—they often don’t know the sex of the birds for weeks. Largely because of the noise, many communities have banned roosters.

“When they find out they’re roosters,” Barn manager, Gia Barss explains, “the place where they bought them won’t take them back.”

rooster2 Backyard Chicken Fad Leads To Rooster Boom At MSPCA Farm

Rooster up for adoption by MSPCA at Nevins Farm (WBZ-TV)

Barss says it can be heartbreaking when a family is attached to a bird it can’t keep.

“They’re really sweet—you can bond with them like any other animal.”

Roosters wind up at Nevins Farm or, in some cases, as dinner.

In the Chinese zodiac, this is the Year of the Rooster. The MSPCA hopes it can also be the Year of the Rooster Adoption.

If you’re interested in adopting one of the birds at Nevins Farm, call your city or town to find out if you are allowed to have roosters.

If you are, provide Nevins Farm employees with photos of your outdoor space, make an adoption donation and you’ll be the owner of a proud…loud bird that encourages your hens to lay more eggs and keeps them safe.

Just think—you may never need to set an alarm clock again!

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  1. There is ONE rooster shown as available for adoption at Nevins Farm- that’s a long way from the 100 reported.

    Roosters do not, in fact, encourage hens to lay more eggs. (That’s like suggesting that a boyfriend encourages a woman to have her period more than once a month.)

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