NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Four suspects have now been arrested in a violent, video-recorded attack and robbery on two Boston-area visitors to New Orleans’ French Quarter.

The attack left one victim, Tim Byrne, in critical condition.

neworleans All Four Suspects Arrested After Boston Tourists Beaten In New Orleans

A still image from the surveillance video of the attack in New Orleans, June 24, 2017. (Image credit: New Orleans Police)

In a news release, police announced Wednesday’s arrests of 20-year-old Raashad D. Piper and 18-year-old Nicholas Pogozelski.

Earlier, 21-year-old Dejuan Paul and 18-year-old Joshua T. Simmons were arrested. All four face second-degree robbery charges.

nicholaspolgowskiandrashaadpiper All Four Suspects Arrested After Boston Tourists Beaten In New Orleans

Nicholas Polgowski and Rashaad Piper. (Images Credit: New Orleans Police)

Surveillance video showed Byrne and another man being attacked from behind on a French Quarter sidewalk. Both were in town for the Unitarian Universalist Association’s annual assembly. Police Chief Michael Harrison said Tuesday that Byrne’s condition had improved a bit since the beating.

Paul and Simmons are set for a Friday hearing. Hearing dates and attorney information were not yet available for Piper and Pogozelski.

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  1. Taylor Evans says:

    This is a daily occurrence in predominantly black cities across the nation. Liberals usually hush up these crimes because it doesn’t promulgate their agenda of black victimization.

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