By Brent Schwartz, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Recently, Martellus Bennett caused a reaction on his appearance on NFL Network’s Total Access by ranking the top quarterbacks he’s played with. Heads were turned when Bennett ranked Aaron Rodgers, his current quarterback, above Tom Brady.

This afternoon, Bennett took to Twitter to defend his comments.

Bennett’s defense makes sense, but it does seem silly to rank Rodgers, with whom he’s only practiced at this point, above the quarterback with whom Bennett just won a Super Bowl, and who many claim is the GOAT (greatest of all time).

Either way, Bennett seems to look back on his time with the Patriots fondly, as seen from his tweets to former teammates and video from him at the Patriots’ ring ceremony.

If anyone is interested, Bennett is on a rankings tear, including other subjects.

The guy simply just likes to have fun.

  1. rc33 says:

    Not hating on Marty; we all got what we set out for in 2017. Still, let’s see if the “upgrade” can get him a SB ring in his 1st year with the team like the lesser QB did.

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