BOSTON (CBS) – A sea of hail pounded cities and towns across Massachusetts, making some yards look like a winter wonderland in June.

The severe weather also brought powerful wind that caused damage in some areas.

In Tewksbury, the quiet summer afternoon was abruptly interrupted by persistent pinging and pelting of hail.

hail Severe Storms Bring Hail, Powerful Winds

Hail covers a deck in Tewksbury (Image from Steve Murthey)

“I was working up in my office and it was threatening and loud and thunder. No precipitation,” Steve Murthey said. “All the sudden just bam. Down came the hail and within a minute and a half, two minutes we had a coating of hail.”

And just like a handful of Dippin’ Dots ice cream, the hail melted away as quickly as it came.

“If you don’t like the weather, wait. Within ten minutes it was sunny again,” Murthey said.

It took a bit longer for things to return to normal in Concord where a huge, rotted tree cracked in half, ripping wires and knocking out power.

“I took a lot of trees down because I was always worried about having one on my head,” said Bob Ellis. “They’re dangerous because they look really good but they’re not. This one here has huge holes in the center.”

tree1 Severe Storms Bring Hail, Powerful Winds

Strong storms brought down a tree on Hayward Mill Rd. in Concord (WBZ-TV)

“Thank God nobody got hurt,” said Lori Ellis. “No cars were crossing under at the time.”

And the normally slow evening commute along Route 2 was made even slower by torrential rain drenching the traffic in Lexington.

Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued in several counties across the state Tuesday afternoon and evening.

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